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Viswas Purohit Interview

    We end the year with Dr. Purohit’s interview here at The Science and Engineering Cafe . While the website is only 5 months old, I think we covered a wide range of plasma topics and applications: from low pressure rf plasmas to atmospheric dielectric barrier discharges (DBDs) for water sterilization and the deposition of materials.     Our Scientist… Read more →

Meet Dr. Viswas Purohit: New Scientist of the Week on The Science and Engineering Cafe

Dr. Viswas Purohit is our new Scientist of the Week! Learn more about his research and career goals in the interview that will be posted in a few days here at The Science and Engineering Cafe. Who is Viswas Purohit?      Dr. Viswas Purohit is currently an independent research consultant at Oak Ridge, TN, USA, working on the development of… Read more →

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