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Nicolas Boscher Interview

Are you attending the AVS conference in Nashville next week? Nicolas Boscher, our Scientist of the Week will be there! Read his exclusive interview to Sciengcafe to learn more about his background and recent work. Daphne Pappas   Dr Boscher’s interview to The Science and Engineering Cafe Looks like you have gained extensive experience in the field by working at… Read more →

Anna Maria Coclite Interview

Anna’s answers to my questions during this interview did not surprise me at all! I had the impression that she enjoyed doing research but now I realize that she has tons of fun while working in the lab, which is probably why she is so successful at this young age. I will continue to follow her work and hope that… Read more →

Dr. Anna Maria Coclite is our new Scientist of the Week!

The Science and Engineering Cafe “travels” to Europe this week! It is a great pleasure to feature our first European “Scientist of the Week”, Dr. Anna Maria Coclite, from the Graz University of Technology in Austria. See her biographical sketch below and stay tuned for her interview. Since March 2013, Dr. Anna Maria Coclite is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Solid… Read more →

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