The Science and Engineering Café is a non-profit blog\website that aims to be a place where the plasma community can gather and exchange thoughts, experiences and ideas.

What is the value and uniqueness of this website? The founder of this online forum, Dr. Daphne Pappas, feels that in today’s uber-connected world, online networking is very important. The Science and Engineering Café is a forum where professionals can “get together” and share not only their experiences but also talk about emerging trends. It will also allow those who are relatively new to the field to reach out for assistance in their professional development.   

The site features scientists from around the world that through their exclusive interviews share information about their latest work, career experiences and even hobbies. The website also hosts conference announcements, calls for papers and other information related to plasma and materials science research. The plasma focus is only the start. Daphne envisions that it will science platform for a plethora of topics such as Materials Science, Biotechnology, Medicine and others.

Please share the link to this website with those who might be interested. Also, contact me at daphne at sciengcafe dot com if you or somebody you know would like to be featured as “Scientist/ Engineer of the Week” in the near future.


May the plasma force be with you!