Ph.D. positions in the field of Plasma Science



PhD. opportunities in plasmas with liquids, biomedical, and agriculture plasma applications:

1) Investigation of plasma-liquid interactions in aerosols and bulk liquids by advanced optical/electrical diagnostics and related properties of the plasma activated water

2) Direct vs. indirect effects of cold plasmas and plasma activated water on microorganisms and eukaryotic cells

3) Investigation of the effects of reactive plasma species in cells using molecular and genetic methods

4) Investigating new possibilities of the use of cold plasma in food processing and agriculture

at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia starting in September 2017.
The applicants are recommended to send their CV with the list publications (if any), their selection of the proposed topic (1-4), along with any questions to prof. Zdenko Machala ( before Apr 25, 2017.

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