Dr. Sally McArthur is the new Scientist of the Week on The Science and Engineering Cafe

I have seen her present at the American Vacuum Society (AVS) conferences. She is always full of energy and excitement when she presents her work. Our new Scientist of the Week is prof. Sally McArthur from Swinburne University. I am very happy that she accepted my invitation to be featured on sciengcafe.com and talk about her career and research. 

Here’s a few words about Sally’s current position and background. Her interview will be posted next week- stay tuned!

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Sally McArthur, Swinburne University

Sally McArthur is the Director of the Swinburne Innovation Precinct at Swinburne University of Technology,  OCE Science Leader at CSIRO Manufacturing and a Professor of Biomedical Engineering.
The Swinburne Innovation Precinct is a whole of university initiative focused on research-led innovation to transform industry and support our communities through collaboration between students, staff, mentors, industry, and strategic partners.

As an engineering researcher Sally has obtained approximately $18M in funding from research councils, industry and government in the UK and Australia, including the $1.8M ARC Industrial Transformational Training Centre in Biodevices launched at Swinburne in March 2015. She is part of a team at Swinburne exploring new ways to link industry and academia to create a new generation of entrepreneurial, innovative and internationally connected graduates capable of driving the Medical and Manufacturing sectors forward in Australia and internationally.

Sally’s personal research couples surface engineering, physical science, analytical chemistry and biochemistry. Using these tools, she creates novel interfaces capable of eliciting specific physical and biological responses. Plasma polymerisation is one of the key tools she uses to enable the integration of biology into new technologies, including microfluidics, biological and environmental sensors, tissue engineering and manufacturing processes.  Sally’s group hosts the Australian National Fabrication Facility Victoria (ANFF-Vic) Biointerface Engineering Hub, an open access facility for academic and industry researchers to gain expert support in plasma polymerisation and a range of other surface engineering approaches for connecting technology with biology.

Sally spent 6 years as a Lecturer and Senior Lecturer at the University of Sheffield in the UK after completing her Post-Doctoral Studies with Prof Dave Castner’s team in the NIH-funded NESAC-Bio at the University of Washington in Seattle. She obtained her PhD from the University of New South Wales working with contact lens manufacturer Ciba Vision and CSIRO. She obtained her MEng Sci (Biomedical Engineering) and B.Eng (Materials Engineering) from Monash University.

smcarthur at swin dot edu dot au


Twitter: @mca178


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