Dr. Thierry Belmonte is our new Scientist of the Week!

I am very excited to announce our new Scientist of the Week, Dr. Thierry Belmonte! While I have only recently met him, I have closely followed his work in the field of plasma nanoscience over the past several years.

I had the opportunity to meet him in person last month at the iplasmanano conference in Athens, Greece and enjoyed hearing more about his most recent research. Stay tuned for his interview!

Thank you,

Daphne Pappas


   Thierry Belmonte is a Senior Scientist at the Institut Jean Lamour, Nancy, France. He is an engineer who studied in Grenoble and obtained his PhD in Materials Science in 1993.
    He became researcher of the CNRS the same year and was promoted to Research Director in 2006. From 2009 to 2012, he managed the Institut Jean Lamour as deputy-director.
    He is a member of the French National Vacuum Society and Physical Society. Thierry Belmonte’s research is mainly devoted to plasma nanoscience and, more recently, to plasmas in liquids. He has published 202 papers, presented 323 posters or oral communications in conferences, 67 invited lectures, has written 7 chapters in books and 6 patents.
    He was awarded the bronze medal of the CNRS and the first prize of the Region Lorraine.
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