Dr. Natalie Chernets is our new Scientist of the Week

Happy Autumn to all of you!

It has been a busy summer for me and for our new Scientist of the Week, Dr. Natalie Chernets. Among other things, Natalie co-chaired the Gordon Research Seminar on Plasma Processing Science and gave a talk on “Deciphering plasma/tissue interactions to develop appropriate medical treatments” at the 6th International Conference on Plasma Medicine that took place in Bratislava, Slovakia last week. She also chaired a special session for PhD students and postdocs at the same conference: “Are you ready for your future”? The workshop was designed to provide information and resources to graduate students and postdocs that will assist with their transitioning from their current status to a career path. One of the messages from this workshop was that the key to success is become informed today about tomorrow’s career choice. 

Note that the conference was chaired by Professor Zdenko Machala, featured as Scientist of the Week on The Science and Engineering Cafe in November, 2015. 

I am so happy that Natalie took the time to provide an interview to The Science and Engineering Cafe and will post it next week. 

Daphne Pappas

Dr, Natalie Chernets, Thomas Jefferson University

Dr. Natalie Chernets, Thomas Jefferson University


Natalie Chernets, PhD, passionate about Plasma Medicine and Professional Development enthusiast. With multidisciplinary training in Physics, Electrical Engineer and Biomedical Sciences she easily speaks the languages of medical doctors, biologists, physicists and engineers. Natalie excels in drawing ideas from multiple disciplines and enjoys creating opportunities by connecting different people. When she is not designing experiments or mentoring graduate students and postdocs, she can be found playing volleyball or brainstorming to feed her entrepreneur spirit.


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