Dr. Matteo Gherardi is our new Scientist of the Week!

Our new Scientist of the Week is Dr. Matteo Gherardi! Matteo is a member of the Research Group for Industrial Applications of Plasmas (http://plasmagroup.ing.unibo.it) at the University of Bologna, Italy. The group is led by Professor Vittorio Colombo, current president of the International Plasma Chemistry Society.

The prestigious group is conducting research in a wide range of topics: from nanoparticle synthesis to modeling of thermal plasmas and plasma medicine.  We will learn more about their recent advancements and their efforts to commercialize plasma technology in Matteo’s interview next week.

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Dr. Matteo Gherardi, University of Bologna

Dr. Matteo Gherardi, University of Bologna


Matteo Gherardi is a researcher and is a member of the research group for the Industrial Applications of Plasmas (IAP group, http://plasmagroup.ing.unibo.it) at Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna (UNIBO). In 2009, he graduated from UNIBO with a degree in Energy engineering and in 2013 he received a PhD in Industrial Applications of Plasmas. His doctorate thesis focused on the modeling of inductively coupled thermal plasma synthesis of nanoparticles. Halfway through his PhD, in a common effort with his supervisor Prof. Vittorio Colombo, he started to expand IAP group’s activities to atmospheric pressure non-equilibrium plasmas, which are now the largest branch of the group’s research platforms. His main interests are medical applications of plasmas, with a particular focus on cancer treatment, odontostomatology and decontamination. Matteo is also utilizing plasmas for materials processing, especially nanomaterial synthesis/modification (in gas, liquid or solid phase) and deposition of functional thin films (organic, inorganic, nanostructured). Of course, true to his engineering background, he continues to be involved in the development, characterization and optimization of the different plasma sources required to support these processes. He is responsible for research projects, funded either by research grants or industrial companies, on the processing of biomaterials and plasma assisted decontamination.


Matteo has published more than 30 articles in peer-reviewed international journals. He received the Early Career Presentation Award at the 5th International Conference on Plasma Medicine in 2014 and was invited to present his research to the MRS Symposium, the EMN conference and the International Conference on Plasma Medicine. He is a very active figure in the plasma scientific community as a member of the International Plasma Chemistry Society, the International Society for Plasma Medicine and  the networking actions: CMST COST TD1208 Biomedical Applications of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Technology (http://bioplasma.pointblank.ie) and MPNS COST MP1101 Electrical discharges in liquids for future applications (http://www.cost-plasma-liquids.eu). He also acts as a referee for several journals (such as Plasma Processes and Polymers, Acta Biomaterialia and Scientific Reports), evaluator for FWO and NWO grants and editor of two special issues (published on Plasma Medicine and the Journal of Physics Conference Series). He is currently a member of the International Scientific Committee of the 14th European Plasma Conference (http://htpp2016.sciencesconf.org) and co-chair, together with Dr. Natalie Chernets, of the 2016 Gordon Research Seminar on Plasma Processing Science (https://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?id=14428).


Matteo is also a founder and member of the advisory board of AlmaPlasma (www.almaplasma.com), a UNIBO spin-off company that develops and manufactures industrial and laboratory equipment in the field of atmospheric pressure thermal and non-thermal plasmas. AlmaPlasma also acts as an innovation antenna, bringing in information useful for directing the basic research activity of the IAP group towards technologically relevant targets. For AlmaPlasma, he is managing non-thermal plasma activities, in particular in the fields of water treatment, processing of materials, and product development.


Outside the plasma world, Matteo is an avid reader, is passionate about sports and a board game addict.

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