Souvik Ghosh is our new Scientist of the Week!

Working with undergraduate and graduate students is something I have always enjoyed throughout my career. Some of them really stick out due to their hard work, scientific knowledge, creativity and personality. Souvik Ghosh definitely possesses all of the previously mentioned characteristics. I am happy to feature him as our new Scientist of the Week! 

He provided a very exciting interview that I will post next week. In the meantime, learn more about Souvik and his studies from this short biographical sketch.

Daphne Pappas 



Souvik Ghosh, Case Western Reserve University

            Souvik Ghosh,      Case Western Reserve University

Souvik Ghosh received his undergraduate degree in Physics and Masters in Astrophysics from the University of Calcutta, India.  He also has a Masters from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India in Materials Science and Engineering. He is currently in his final year as a doctoral student at Case Western Reserve University School of Engineering and is working with Prof. Mohan Sankaran.


At the Sankaran lab, Souvik conducts research on direct-write enabled embedded electronic interconnects on flexible substrates using a novel atmospheric-pressure dc microplasma technique. Souvik also experiments on the operation of the microplasma at the interface of liquids to synthesize functional nanoparticles as inks for inkjet printing.


Souvik’s most recent publication in Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology-A ( was one of the most read and most downloaded paper of the year for the journal. Other career highlights include his plasma synthesis of nanoparticles article and 3D rendered image being the journal cover of Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics ( Finally, in 2015 he was a Coburn and Winters Award Nominee at the American Vacuum Society.

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