November is Plasma Medicine Month on The Science and Engineering Cafe


plasma medicineWhat is Plasma Medicine and why has it attracted so much interest in the past decade? What are the latest advancements in the field? How do plasmas kill bacteria and possibly treat cancer?

The answers to these and other questions, along with other information, will be featured this month in The Science and Engineering Cafe. Daphne will interview 2 leading experts in the field of Plasma Medicine.

Our first featured Scientist of the Week for November is a renowned academic from Europe with a strong background in plasma physics who serves as board member of International Society for Plasma Medicine, among other things. Our expert’s interests include studies of fundamental physics of atmospheric pressure plasmas and electrical discharges, environmental and biological applications of atmospheric electrical discharges and the application of plasma diagnostic techniques. 

Our second featured scientist is a very accomplished medical professional who is currently serving as Director of Plasma Medicine at a very prestigious research institute in the United States. This expert has a strong background in immunology and microbiology and strives passionately to understand the interactions of plasma species with biological cells.

It is a great honor to host the interviews of these leading innovative experts. Thank you both! 

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