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Vandana Miller Interview

We are pleased to present Dr. Vandana Miller as ” Scientist of the Week” on The Science and Engineering Cafe. Vandana is a medical doctor with graduate studies in microbiology and immunology. Over the past few years she became involved in the field of Plasma Medicine and was appointed Director of the Plasma Medicine Laboratory at the A.J. Drexel Plasma… Read more →

Zdenko Machala Interview

    Dr. Zdenko Machala’s interview to The Science and Engineering Cafe        We continue to celebrate November as Plasma Medicine month on The Science and Engineering Cafe! Our featured scientist this week is Professor Zdenko Machala, Chair of the upcoming conference on Plasma Medicine that will take place in Bratislava, a beautiful city located by the Danube, next… Read more →

Dr. Zdenko Machala is our new Scientist of the Week!

     Our featured scientist this week is one of the most recognized in the field of Plasma Medicine, Dr. Zdenko Machala. I have read several of his papers and I am impressed with his utilization of emission spectroscopy and other plasma diagnostics to identify the species responsible for the antimicrobial activity of atmospheric pressure plasmas. His expertise and depth of… Read more →

November is Plasma Medicine Month on The Science and Engineering Cafe

  What is Plasma Medicine and why has it attracted so much interest in the past decade? What are the latest advancements in the field? How do plasmas kill bacteria and possibly treat cancer? The answers to these and other questions, along with other information, will be featured this month in The Science and Engineering Cafe. Daphne will interview 2 leading experts… Read more →

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