Bring on the coffee- let’s talk about plasmas!

What can “The Science and Engineering Cafe” offer?


I often visit professional networking and other social media sites and come across a variety of topics related to plasma science. Questions like: what is the best precursor to use for the growth of silicon oxide films? how can I troubleshoot a leak in a vacuum chamber? are very common. Journal papers are being featured and conference announcements are also shared.

This is not my aim for this blog. I envision it as a place where the plasma community can gather, sip some virtual cafe macchiato, espresso or any other beverage of your liking and exchange thoughts, experiences and ideas. 

I hope that the plasma piece is only the start. I see The Science and Engineering Cafe as an online forum and science platform for a plethora of topics such as Materials Science, Biotechnology, Medicine and others. The sky is the limit!

What is the value and uniqueness of this forum? I feel that we are so used to communicating with our colleagues via journals and presentations at conferences.  These communications are important, but they are not enough in today’s uber-connected world.  My vision is a forum where professionals can “get together” and share not only their experiences but also talk about emerging trends. It will also allow those who are relatively new to the field to reach out for assistance in their professional development.  In my opinion, the most effective way is through face-to-face interactions.  While that was indeed difficult in the past due to the constraints of geographic and time differences, today’s technological advances make it easier to bridge the gap.  I see this blog as one such tool.

Please share the link to this website with those who might be interested.

May the plasma force be with you!



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